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Controller Training - How it works




Here is a small tutorial how to proceed in order to request an ATC training. Please follow the next steps:


Unfold the Controllers tab and click on the Controller Training.


IMPORTANT: If you have already created an account in the Pilot Training tab, you don't need to register another in the Controller Training ! use the same account. Login and skip to STEP4.

Now you have to create an account: Click Register.

Fill in the following information: Your VID, name, e-mail and choose a password then click Submit:


Now you have created an account, you can login. Enter your VID and the password you have created:

Once you've logged in, click on the Update Profile tab: 

Enter the following information: Password (you can leave the one you already created or create here new one), email, name, your ratings and your location. Click Submit


IMPORTANT: When you create an account in the Controller Training tab, you don't need to create another in the Pilot Training ! it will be the same account.


Before requesting a training make sure you are ready for it.

First refer to the exam briefing guides: Click on the image.


When you are ready to request a training, click on the Training request tab.

Now you have to fill in your training request form:

Speciality: Software(Ivac), ADC, APC or ACC.
Airfield: The location where you want to train *DTTA, DTMB, DTNH...)
Preferred dates: Choose three dates of your availability when you have time for the training.

Comments: Write short information about your training needs.

When you're done, click Send Training Request:

Now your request should be registred - you can see its status below.

You will be informed via e-mail when your training will be assigned and the status will change.


If you have any questions, please contact the Training Department

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